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Mr. Jungle: buy Sour Apple Strain, is Overflowing With Killer Instincts! Expected to pucker up because this strain will send your tastebuds tingling. Bright green in color with a distinct jungle boys seeds. Sour Apple strain lives up to its name.You wont get a sugar rush from this strain, however,it may leave you stuck on the couch. Buy Sour Apple Strain today from Our online store. Register On Our Site and obtain a discount Coupon.

jungle boys seeds

firstly, jungle boys seeds Blend a unique flavor with sativa and indica effects, Sour Apple is a strain you have to try. Originally created by Top Shelf Seeds, there are a few variations of this 80/20 indica-dominant hybrid out there. Sour Diesel is always in the mix, but sometimes it’s crossed with Cinderella 99 while other times Pure Kush shows up. Either way, it produces a strain that’s great for relaxation for both day and evening use.

THC levels vary quite a bit with Sour Apple, showing up anywhere between 14% and 27%. Approach this strain with caution, as its smell can trick you into thinking it’s all fun and games while a strong high catches you off guard. True to its name, Sour Apple smells and tastes just like a tart sour apple, although the flavor sweetens a bit upon exhaling with some citrus undertones. Buds are super frosty and have a long and narrow shape with a gentle dusting of amber pistils. Many describe them as fluffy looking and are rather sticky.

“You know I had a plant or two in my backyard,” Ivan told Cannabis Now. “My mom was actually the green thumb. She always had a cannabis plant in the backyard when I was younger and I didn’t really know what it was.”

When he got a bit older, Ivan said his mother started to help nurture his hobby a bit more. She was the one who taught him how to top plants to prevent any unwanted attention.

“It was the funniest thing. I had this big tall Sativa in the yard. She was like, ‘Oh, it’s getting over the fence you got to cut the top of it.’ I said that sounds crazy, you’re not supposed to cut it,” Ivan said. “Looking back now, I was young then. I was a teenager and I’m 40 now.”

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